Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Difference between coffee shop and kissaten

Coffee shop→a restraunt which take coffee, tea, and sweets.
Kissaten→a store which take not only drinks (coffee,tea) and sweets but also take coffee beans or tools. The tools are coffee maker, coffee cup, and tumbler.

Someday I make sure the difference going to both coffee shop and kissaten!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


At the end of my summer vacation!

☆☆☆Tokyo Disney Resort☆☆☆

August 11th~14th, Shiho, Cana, Chiemi, Kanako-H went to Tokyo Disney Resort
To go there, we used the night bus. I and Cana arranged to meet in ShinOsaka Station. But we coudn't find our bus!!! We ran around station about 1km.

Firstly, we arrived at Disney Sea!! I heve never been to there, so I was impressed.
We could take a picture with Mickey Mouse.
Then we rode many attractions. "Raising Spirits" was very exciting!!

Next day, we went to Disney Land!! There were many people than Disney Sea.
I was very impressed not only attractions but also show,parade.
Halloween Parade felt us happy because dancer let us "pumpukin dance"!!
"Electrical Parade" in night, was very very beautiful! I took many pictures.

The members (Cana, Chiemi, Kanako, Me) are very greatful member!!
All people are funny! I love them☆☆
I had the best enjoyable time in this summer!

By the way, the school begins tomorrow. I feel summer vacation is short time.
But I did many things. I try hard to study English tomorrow.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Let's Go To USJ!!!!

I went to Universal Studios Japan with my friends (kanako,chiemi,tomo) and overseas students!! I had worried about my English because I can't speak and listen well. Besides,I am very shy. But when I met them, I managed to introduce myself in English.

We rode many attractions! But there were many people in USJ, we had have to wait till riding. Too hot.....and too long!!! SPIDERMAN and JURASSIC PARK were very exciting!!! We spent ver enjoyable time!

I thought English was really difficult. I couldn't understand what overseas students said. So they said again and again. I couldn't last conversation! When they talked me, I managed to
hear and said, but their speaking is too early!!! Foreign people was fast to eat, speak and walk!! I got many things from them. I wanted to communicate with many country people. I must study English more!!

Thank you for coming my plan!
I appreciated Chris,Jo, Burton,kristine,Lawra,Patirich, Tiffany!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


In the middle of my summer vacation

☆Berbeque In Yoshino River☆

 I spend middle summer with my highschool friends.
In August28th, we(I and my brassband 10members) went to Yoshino river in Nara to camp and fireworks.

 Yuri who is my best friend, and I were charge of buying meat and vegetables!
So we went to shopping in the morning.

 And then we ride train about 1hour, arrived at the river!

 At river, there were many people. We ate meat and vegetable soon!
We were very hungry!

nd then we played in river for example, beachball and badminton.
We could find little fishes and tadpoles. I was suprised tadpoles because they were very very big!!! I had never seen such big tadpole!!! Tryed to catch them, but couldn't.  We went back childhood.

 Came on night, we did fireworks!! They were very beautiful and fantastic!!!

 We spent very enjoyable time☆☆☆

Friday, August 12, 2005


Beginning of my summer vacation

↑This picture is our contest in last year.
This picture is my instrument. It is Euphonium.

At the beginning of my summer vacation, I went to highschool and many halls to teach brassband for first year students. In summer, we have a music contest. In this year, our highschool's brassband has 2 groups.

A group has major member. B group members are all freshman. So teacher and A group member said, "We can't watch B group. We have no time! So I want you take care of them."
So we(graduated students) decided to undertake.

B group students can't play their instrument because they weren't taught by old students.
So we were worried about what we should teach. Always they didn't concentrated. So my friends was angry many times and they always cried. Till the end of practice they were kept getting angry.

At last, the day came.
We listened on seat in the hall. They seemed as very nervous.
But they played the best performance!! We were impressed!!
They got silver prize. Of course, A group got gold prize.
We were very glad. We passed youth time with young students.
I am very thankful everyone!!

Monday, June 27, 2005


THe Summer Holidays

I will go to Tokyo Disney Land in September. I will go to there with my classmates, Cana, Chiemi, and Kanako. We think which is the better by bus or train. If we go to there by train, we stay at Hotel. But it will costs. I'm looking forward to going to there!!

I will use English during summer vacation. I applied to "Speaking Partner Program"and "Experience Program Japan Program". If I pass in both program, I am very happy. I will talk to overseas students. And I will study English to get high score inTOEFL. And I want to see forein movies to get accustomed to English pronunciation. I want to do many things during summer vacation.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


About my demonstration

My demonstration's theme is "How to enjoy the CoCoichi curry."
When I demonstrated it, I was very nervous! I tried to memorize all,but I couldn't. Sometimes, I forgot my line..... so I stopped to read it. Using PowerPoint slides is very good. Because I was helped my speech by it. And people who listened speech enjoyed slide. My classmate's demonstrations were very good! They had original theme, it expressed their characters. Very nice! I think Yoshimi's demonstrarion was best. Because everyone enjoyed her demonstration.
Next speech, I must more relax and memorize my line, speak more smily and happily.

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