Saturday, June 18, 2005


About my demonstration

My demonstration's theme is "How to enjoy the CoCoichi curry."
When I demonstrated it, I was very nervous! I tried to memorize all,but I couldn't. Sometimes, I forgot my line..... so I stopped to read it. Using PowerPoint slides is very good. Because I was helped my speech by it. And people who listened speech enjoyed slide. My classmate's demonstrations were very good! They had original theme, it expressed their characters. Very nice! I think Yoshimi's demonstrarion was best. Because everyone enjoyed her demonstration.
Next speech, I must more relax and memorize my line, speak more smily and happily.

I enjoyed your speech and PowerPoint slides!! Your slides was very good. I like curry very much. So I wanted to eat Cocoichi curry after listening to your speech. I'll go there and eat soon!!
Hola! ?Que tal?
I have never visited Cocoihi. I wanted to visit there after I listened to your speech. But I can't eat hot and spicy curry, because I am a "neko-jita person"
Let's go to the Cocoichi someday!!
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