Monday, June 27, 2005


THe Summer Holidays

I will go to Tokyo Disney Land in September. I will go to there with my classmates, Cana, Chiemi, and Kanako. We think which is the better by bus or train. If we go to there by train, we stay at Hotel. But it will costs. I'm looking forward to going to there!!

I will use English during summer vacation. I applied to "Speaking Partner Program"and "Experience Program Japan Program". If I pass in both program, I am very happy. I will talk to overseas students. And I will study English to get high score inTOEFL. And I want to see forein movies to get accustomed to English pronunciation. I want to do many things during summer vacation.


I knew the links would work.. You can make more if you remember how.

Your english plans sounds great. let me know how your plans turn out. I am interested in the esperience japan program. I think its very useful.
Your forelock is cute. You need not to worry about this.
You forgot eat lunch, it's unbelievable for me.
I read your blog. I'm looking forward to this too!! We have to ddiscuss about this more!!Let's have a good time in TDL.
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