Wednesday, September 14, 2005


At the end of my summer vacation!

☆☆☆Tokyo Disney Resort☆☆☆

August 11th~14th, Shiho, Cana, Chiemi, Kanako-H went to Tokyo Disney Resort
To go there, we used the night bus. I and Cana arranged to meet in ShinOsaka Station. But we coudn't find our bus!!! We ran around station about 1km.

Firstly, we arrived at Disney Sea!! I heve never been to there, so I was impressed.
We could take a picture with Mickey Mouse.
Then we rode many attractions. "Raising Spirits" was very exciting!!

Next day, we went to Disney Land!! There were many people than Disney Sea.
I was very impressed not only attractions but also show,parade.
Halloween Parade felt us happy because dancer let us "pumpukin dance"!!
"Electrical Parade" in night, was very very beautiful! I took many pictures.

The members (Cana, Chiemi, Kanako, Me) are very greatful member!!
All people are funny! I love them☆☆
I had the best enjoyable time in this summer!

By the way, the school begins tomorrow. I feel summer vacation is short time.
But I did many things. I try hard to study English tomorrow.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Let's Go To USJ!!!!

I went to Universal Studios Japan with my friends (kanako,chiemi,tomo) and overseas students!! I had worried about my English because I can't speak and listen well. Besides,I am very shy. But when I met them, I managed to introduce myself in English.

We rode many attractions! But there were many people in USJ, we had have to wait till riding. Too hot.....and too long!!! SPIDERMAN and JURASSIC PARK were very exciting!!! We spent ver enjoyable time!

I thought English was really difficult. I couldn't understand what overseas students said. So they said again and again. I couldn't last conversation! When they talked me, I managed to
hear and said, but their speaking is too early!!! Foreign people was fast to eat, speak and walk!! I got many things from them. I wanted to communicate with many country people. I must study English more!!

Thank you for coming my plan!
I appreciated Chris,Jo, Burton,kristine,Lawra,Patirich, Tiffany!!

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