Wednesday, September 14, 2005


At the end of my summer vacation!

☆☆☆Tokyo Disney Resort☆☆☆

August 11th~14th, Shiho, Cana, Chiemi, Kanako-H went to Tokyo Disney Resort
To go there, we used the night bus. I and Cana arranged to meet in ShinOsaka Station. But we coudn't find our bus!!! We ran around station about 1km.

Firstly, we arrived at Disney Sea!! I heve never been to there, so I was impressed.
We could take a picture with Mickey Mouse.
Then we rode many attractions. "Raising Spirits" was very exciting!!

Next day, we went to Disney Land!! There were many people than Disney Sea.
I was very impressed not only attractions but also show,parade.
Halloween Parade felt us happy because dancer let us "pumpukin dance"!!
"Electrical Parade" in night, was very very beautiful! I took many pictures.

The members (Cana, Chiemi, Kanako, Me) are very greatful member!!
All people are funny! I love them☆☆
I had the best enjoyable time in this summer!

By the way, the school begins tomorrow. I feel summer vacation is short time.
But I did many things. I try hard to study English tomorrow.

I read your Summer Vacation. It's so nice! You went to a lot of places. I'm looking forward to hear from you more stories about this Holidays!
Sounds like a great Summer trip...

I hope you have a very good semester. Keep studying english and Im sure one day you will study abroad. Maybe in my country-USA
I think our summer vacation was very great!! USJ, Tokyo disney resort, and desert kingdom. You are very funny. I have to study "warai". I enjoyed disney so much!! I want to go there again with same members!!
Hello. I'm yoshimi=TOYA's wife in the future. It's very nice summer vacation. I have never been to Disney Sea. So I want to go there with TOYA.
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